Copyright Guide : Instructions for

Dear Customers,
we have created a Guide to protect my work  on how to protect yourself from Copyright request by Amazon (kdp and acx).

DOWNLOAD HERE: Guide to protect my work  

Here are instructions on how to fill in the various parts (with Our Agency’s data), which you can find at Protect my Work.


Lately many people have had doubts whether the Copyright of books and audiobooks passed to Our Agency or could remain with them.

We anticipate that nothing passes to Us, but it must be filled out correctly in order for that to happen.

It should also be remembered that the Registered Copyright is needed in order to have the proper tools to send to Amazon in case of an audit and to defend you against this problem.

So pay attention to these details and do not circumvent the recommendations to avoid being able to have your accounts banned with Amazon! Thank you.


If you have any questions you can refer to our contact person in Italy or write to our support at:


The Publishing Services Staff

DOWNLOAD HERE THE Guide to protect my work