Guide to disable tracking of your Windows System Computer

Dear Customers,
we have created a free guide to disable the collection of information by Microsoft and consequently the Tracking of your Computer by other companies such as Amazon.


Currently everything is possible because Microsoft assigns a RANDOM ID number to each computer that has its license and thanks to that number your machine / PC becomes unique and can therefore be monitored (this is the stated purpose.

We are only interested in taking away the possibility for other companies to use this information.

I just let you think that thanks to them it is possible to trace which Web portals one has entered or more precisely how many and which accounts, for example of KDP or ACX, a person is using with that computer.

Lately, many Amazon Accounts have been closed by crossing this data.

We have no information for Operating Systems other than Windows.

Finally, we report some basic rules for those who have undergone an Account BAN by Amazon.



Amazon has recently blocked some accounts; however we wanted to follow a very cautious procedure and we changed the final ending of our Domain so as not to be recognizable to the system. We ourselves created this new account from a newly purchased and therefore completely new Apple (first account created with this computer).

So he has a new working account, we hope he can work peacefully.

However, we do not know her previous history with Amazon (Acx and Kdp) and it seems correct to us to make her aware of some precautions that she MUST KEEP if she had had banned accounts prior to our meeting.

Computers that have had account BANs (because Amazon reads the machine number and checks over time if that machine / computer returns to its platform with a new account) must be changed or the publisher must protect himself. We will shortly be sending a PDF guide that will also show you how to delete the machine number from Windows.

To avoid all this he has to buy a new computer (new or used, for less than 150 euros – an example:

or install the Oracle Virtual Box which you can find, free of charge, here:

Or, more simply, he can take a Virtual Computer on the Cloud; looking on the market, we found this company at affordable prices (about 10 euros a month): but having no reports on the matter, he can orient himself on who he believes is the best solution for his needs.

Please take these tips into account when logging into ACX or KDP, if you have already had banned accounts; his computer may be blacklisted for Amazon. WE STILL HAVE NO SOLUTIONS IF YOU LOG IN FROM A SMARTPHONE. So it is better NEVER to access new accounts from Mobile.

Finally we have recently noticed that those who have a KDP account and an ACX account with different Tax interviews or different data entered are banning them. This verification until recently was almost irrelevant or the two platforms of KDP and ACX only dialogued for the recall of the Book on Acx for the creation of the Audiobook. Now it seems that the data overlap and if the book is recalled from an account that does not have data in one of the 4 admitted countries or are different from each other, they can be banned.

Pay attention to these details because, for obvious reasons, we don’t want to have Amazon’s focus on our Agency and we can’t even find a different account to give you every month; do not circumvent the above recommendations if you have had banned accounts with Amazon! Thank you.


So if you have any questions you can refer to our contact person in Italy or write to our support at:


The Publishing Services Staff