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Here some frequently asked questions

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No commission, the only cost is the yearly membership.

ACX or KDP will bank transfer you the money directly. We will not touch your money. You will be asked to add your bank account details directly to the ACX or KDP account created by our Agency.

No, the contract lasts for minimum 1 year. In the eventuality I might decide not to be a publisher anymore or not to pay the annual fees of your account ACX or KDP, you will lose the management of your accounts ACX or KDP and the relative eventual Royalties.

Answer is simply. As many as you want, literally. We created 4 standard packages, but please do get in touch if you want more.

Yes, thanks to your personal details you will be able to access your account on your own.

No, the details added by the Agency cannot be modified – this would lead to the freezing or suspension of the account itself. In fact, we will be monitoring your accounts periodically with the aim to verify their funcionality and to improve the quality of our service, but also in order to avoid potential frauds and issue your Royalties certifications.

Unfortunately it’s not more possible.
From March 2022 ACX is requiring proof of residency for all ACX accounts, in order to double check all personal details (tax interview and proof of residency): if details are different,  amazon will terminate both accounts.

Therefore we can’t no longer link old KDP to our ACX Agency’s account, however we can “KDP Merge” all contents offering a new account KDP policy compliant to avoid any issue.

For tax matters it’s not possible to link personal ACX accounts or those created with other agencies. Every account will be brand new and emptied of all publications.

The maximum limit for an account is 30.000 dollars (USD).
If the $30,000 limit is reached you will have to pay another annual fee.

Remember that on the amount of your revenues, the Agency will pay the relative taxes in UK and consequently with the single annual fee, it will be possible to cover up to this amount in taxes, and for the surplus you will simply be asked to pay a new fee.

Yes, through our Agency. You will be provided with a contract of exploitation of your copyright which will fiscally cover you completely. Furthermore, our accounts come without percentages on your revenues, but with a simply Yearly fee. Download for free our Guide on Taxation and read our Contract.

Sorry, no. We believe we should first gain your trust. Once you become a pleased client, then you can feel free to ask for any additional services you might need to find new readers for your books and audiobooks.