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For example. If I book on 1 February, the book will be $0.99 on 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 February for purchase. The reviews will be delivered as and when 5/7/10 days after purchase (depending on the number of reviews purchased. We try to do a common sense thing and dilute purchases and reviews to give the book real momentum). Finally, there is no point putting the book on Kindle Unlimited because those reviews are deleted and are not verified. Verified reviews are only those with actual Kindle purchases. If the Kindle book is priced other than $0.99, you will have to be refunded the full purchase and not the $0.99 difference. You will be instructed where to make the refund whether on Payoneer, Paypal or Wise of your choice. The service, for the same book can only be purchased once, for the simple reason that the reviewers are real and for the time being those available are the ones indicated. Another example. If one wants to do 5+1 reviews on 3 books, one does not have to buy the 15+1 review package, but buy the 5+1 review package three times. Each package purchased will only be done on one book at a time. For more info write to:
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